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Relocation Success: Thomas from New York

Thomas came to me as a referral from his company’s relocation agent. He was being relocated from New York City to Boston, and called to enlist my help. We hit it off right away and started looking at places–lots and lots and lots of places. And we had a ton of laughs along the way.

I introduced Thomas to my preferred way of looking at a house, which starts with a simple philosophy: view the basement early on, if not first. You can get a great look at the big-ticket items pretty clearly there, as well as how much care the builders and owners put into a home over the years. He gained an appreciation for neat, straight plumbing, clearly labeled utilities and well-kept boilers (it matters. Yes, I’m Type A).

There were days that we would look at as many as eight houses, trying to make good use of the weekends he would come up. On the day we found “The House,” we saw three–but the second two almost didn’t matter. The first one was it, and he was ready to make an offer.

It was a beautiful choice–a condo spread across the second and third floor of a two-family house in Watertown. The Charles River is across the street with a walking path, and a dog park awaits his future-planned pup. He’s close to downtown and just minutes from Boston. And yes, some great utilities in the basement that make even the most Type-A person grin! Attachment-1

His transaction could have been much harder than it was. He was selling his condo back in New York, and the seller in Watertown was buying a place of her own. Lots of moving pieces! But, thanks to his patience, a flexible seller, and great communication among all the realtors (all of whom, I might add, were Coldwell Banker pros), everything came together beautifully.

So, lessons learned: find a great team. Never hesitate to look at lots of places. And always check the basement.

Read Thomas‘s review on Yelp here. 

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