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I love working with first-time buyers!

Another Great First-Time Homebuyer Success Story

I just loved working with Anna and Michael on their first-time home search. Anna was referred to me by one of my daughter’s friends and works in Framingham at TJX. They came to me with the perfect trio for their first search: a great price range to work with, open minds and fashion sense to imagine what great things could be done in a home that needs a little updating, and the willingness (and skill) to take on a project or two to build value soon after buying a home.

In this very competitive market, it’s common to miss out on a place because you’ve been out bid, and Michael and Anna were no exception. It took a couple tries. But they were undaunted and persevered — and midway through their house hunt, Michael proposed!

I’m thrilled to report that they landed upon a beautiful home on three oacres in Hopkinton. They’ve already started making it their own with new drywall, paint and new lights. What’s more, they can begin to settle in and undertake the wedding plans in earnest.

Lastly, it seems that the couple enjoyed working with me just as much as I did with them–Anna referred me to her brother, and he and I are now working on finding his first home!

Read their Yelp review here.

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