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I love working with first-time buyers!

Congrats to Vincent & Cassie: First-Time Buyers Found a Great Home in Grafton

My latest clients, Vincent and Cassandra, introduced themselves to me like this:

As a young couple, we are first-time home buyers beginning our search to find the ideal home. After some research, we figure that it is time to contact a realtor to help us and quickly came across you! Your reviews on Yelp are fan-freakin’-tastic and we would love it if you could help us in our search for the ideal home.

As a blue sky, our ideal home would be a quiet area, have room for a garden, and possess some of that country charm from the Berkshires, while being located ideally between our workplaces – Shrewsbury and Ashland. This criteria has led us to looking for houses in Grafton, Shrewsbury, and Ashland (in order of preference from most awesome to almost-as awesome).

What a start! Of course I contacted them immediately. We met up at the Panera Bread in Shrewsbury, and, over a lovely dinner, I laid out the whole home-buying process for them. I think we all felt comfortable right away as we talked through their must-haves (2-3 bedroom to accommodate guests, space for an office and yoga, natural light and outdoor areas to entertain and garden) and preferred locations. I encouraged them to talk to a mortgage broker before they began getting listings–and get ready to start hitting some Open Houses.

Vince & Cassie

Vincent & Cassandra, new homeowners in Grafton, Mass.

A funny thing happened on their first Open House excursion–they fell in love with the first home they saw. Both Vincent and Cassie thought it simply couldn’t be, so they continued looking at homes throughout the day. But their minds kept drifting back to that first one, the home with the red door in Grafton with the great back yard. They called me, and I was so excited for them (I know what house love sounds like!), and I scheduled a follow-up showing. We knew it was “the one,” and I submitted an offer for them the following morning. I guided them through the negotiation process, and both sides agreed on a price.

From there, the process was so easy: great communication between lenders and attorneys and agents. Building excitement by the buyers. Good flexibility on both sides–the sellers needed some extra time to finish a home they were building, and Vincent and Cassie were able to accommodate the requests; similarly, the sellers allowed plenty of visits by both buyers’ relatives, who wanted to see the place they were buying!

They have found a great home in the perfect area at a price they can afford. As a show of their thanks (and a great example of their kindness and generosity), they spent the night before the closing making a homemade, gluten-free pie for the agents and attorneys to enjoy at the closing. And I think that, as Vincent would say, is fan-freakin’-tastic.

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